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What do you know about social anxiety?

September 10, 2012

Had someone asked us this question a few months ago, we would have probably shrugged our shoulders. Now, we know a lot. We know that social anxiety is not a simple case of shyness or a fear of public speaking. It is a serious mental disorder affecting nearly 15 million American adults. It is all too often misdiagnosed and mistreated. It’s a big deal, and not enough people know that…but they will.

We began working with the Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety (AKFSA) a few months ago, and our first major project was to produce a new website for the nonprofit. A first project and a major project, as this website was created to function as an educational source and a hub of communication for three distinct audience groups: sufferers of social anxiety, family, friends and mentors of sufferers and mental health professionals. A tremendous amount of research went into this site, as did thoughtful design and hours of custom coding. Every hour well worth it, as this site is now a powerful tool for AKFSA to spread awareness and educate on the severity and realness of social anxiety disorder.

Highlights of the website include video clips and articles selected specifically for each audience group that are updated monthly, downloadable questionnaires for identifying symptoms and an ever-growing network of professionals and organizations with social anxiety knowledge.

With a calendar full of upcoming events and an awareness campaign underway, our work is not nearly done; but we are so pleased and honored to have delivered a website which will serve as a strong home base for the foundation’s internet presence as they continue their extraordinary outreach and educational initiatives.

Please learn more about social anxiety and AKFSA on their newly launched website,